The 5-Alive Network

Prison is life or death. What families know and what they have been through must be shared with others. You don’t want what’s 
							happened to you and your loved one to continue. Prison is life or death.
A jail and prison inmate should have a reasonable expectation to survive his or her sentence. Yet prison is the devil’s playground.

To convince others of this fact, all you have to do is bear witness to what you already know first-hand by your own experience… just as others do in our videos on this website.

Consider what you have seen take place before your own eyes. Think of the monumental problems you have had or are having in attempting to access health care for a loved one in prison. Think of the lack of information you receive(d) when death occurs.

What you know must be shared

You know about the desperate requests for health care and medications that are ignored.

You know about your pleas and cries for help directed to medical staff and the pleas from the inmates themselves that are ignored.

You know about those who are sick and/or mentally ill who are thrown in the hole for requesting health care, denied visits, phone calls and access to the very care and medications needed.

You know about those assigned to a prison infirmary that are denied their personal belongings and not allowed to fill out requests for health care, medications, doctor visits, or voice their complaints and concerns.

You know about being denied information regarding a diagnosis and prognosis of an inmate patient.

You know about inmates who beg for medications to ease pain and suffering only to have their pleas and cries ignored as they writhe in physical or mental pain and anguish.

You know about those who are assigned to prison hospice and denied visitation even when dying.

You know about family members who are not notified of life and death situations, even an inmate’s imminent death.

You have witnessed a loved one in a prison infirmary or hospice bed, unable to speak or lift his head in weakness as a result of not being fed, or given water. You have watched the progression of an untreated disease that results in death. You have witnessed a loved one on life support and were never consulted before removal of that life support system. You have been coerced and harassed by prison medical personnel (and the Chaplaincy) to turn off life support while at the same time, being told by the Chaplaincy you’re selfish for not doing so quickly.

The 5-Alive Network

Because of all of this and so much more, the “5-Alive Network” exists exclusively for families and friends of inmates and inmates themselves to not only raise awareness of the horrific health care delivery system on a level not done before but to educate on how to fight for the life of your loved one. We know there are countless numbers of inmates and family members trying to do what we know they cannot do in order to obtain adequate health care. We address all issues specific to that health care delivery, policy and procedures, and provision of key documents that must be put in place for families in order to obtain key information and successfully advocate for their loved ones.

The Institute has long held the belief that the very people who are affected by the prison and medical systems are the very people who know first-hand the horrors and abuses that their loved ones have endured. It’s you, the families that I’ve been working with these past two decades one-on-one. You found out what needed to be done—oftentimes too late.

Fighting for a loved one or friend in prison—alive or dead, demands an understanding of the significant problems within the prison system and the relationship between corrections and medical providers. Most do not understand. The Institute wants to change this.

Most see the end results of how the system works; they see and feel pain, suffering, torture and medical abuses inflicted upon inmate patients directly. And those who are players within the system actually expect no push-back or consequences from you for such outcomes and behavior. This level of arrogance, refusals, lying and deceit are a necessary part of the system's mechanics because corporate profits and budgetary constraints are the end goal and are achieved through aggressive cost containment measures forced on the inmate patients.

Our unique background and expertise shines a bright light on some very dark corners to help those who are subjected to horrific practices within the prison and jail systems. Without this knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs within the system, and between the players, these scenarios of suffering will simply repeat themselves over and over and over again. And you or your loved ones will continue to be subjected to chronic non-transparency and a “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” by the correctional and medical staff. What you allow is what will continue. Make a difference in the life of your incarcerated loved one. Please join our network and share your concerns; ask your questions. We’re here to help. We’re here to educate. If you are motivated to donate to the Institute’s nationwide efforts we have partnered with Provision Bridge and Helping Hands Ministries, a charitable foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. You may make a tax deductible donation by clicking on the donate button below.

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