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Consulting Services

Jail & Prison Litigation Consulting for Attorneys
Jail & Prison Health Care Delivery & Death Consulting

Prison - Jail
Health Care and Death Consulting

Choosing an Attorney/
Attorney Referral

Death and End of Life Consulting
LifeCare Interlock SM

Hospital and Nursing Home Consulting

Medical Examiner & Coroner Clearinghouse
Practices - Training - Problems

Forensic Science Associates
A Resource in the Forensic Disciplines & Training for
Law Enforcement, Forensic Professionals, Attorneys

Consultants & Analysts

Tricks and Traps of the Death Investigation System
A Guide for Those Navigating Through Death Within
Prisons * Hospitals * Nursing Homes * Jails

Read "Fighting for Life - Introduction"

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Shipping Information and Requirements

Law Enforcement & Forensic Discipline Training

Chemical Suicides/First Responder Safety
(It's a power point presentation)

Chemical Suicides/Training Course
and POST Authorization

Central Florida Intelligence Exchange -
Hydrogen Sulfide Suicide Trend /
First Responder Safety Update

CMC Training Grant Availability to Non-Profit
Public Safety and Criminal Justice Agencies
Training Has Never Become Easier

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