Welcome to the Wrongful Death & Injury Institute

We are a full-service consulting firm that fights for the lives of those who are sick, those who are dying and those who have died within the U.S. jail and prison system, hospitals and nursing homes across the country. The problems we deal with are multifaceted and center around delayed, denied and misrepresented delivery of medical and mental health care and death issues.

Our expertise is in jail and prison policy and procedures, health care policy, procedure and protocols, caregiving policy and procedures, and death issues inclusive of the medical examiner and coroner systems exposing the sub-standard death investigation practices within these two systems specific to determination of cause and manner of death as it relates to inmates and the elderly.

We consult one-on-one with family members who have loved ones incarcerated and who have loved ones in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and assisted living residences facing serious problems and challenges with delivery of care, caregiving staff, end of life issues and the inner mechanics of those systems. Through our consulting, provision of our book entitled Fighting for Life—Tricks and Traps of the Death Investigation System, and our LifeCare Interlock™ documents, the required tools are put in place to ensure continuity of care, responsible oversight and accountability specific to the care of your loved ones.

We review and analyze records and recommend attorneys qualified in this specialty of law who have expressed an interest in reviewing potential cases.

We provide litigation consulting for attorneys in these areas as well as, referrals and recommendations of highly qualified expert witnesses in multiple disciplines.

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